living the round space...

TurtleDomes has perfected the function and beauty of our portable Geodesic Domes in projects all across Europe.

Since 2004 we have been experimenting with the construction of a series of prototypes to find perfection in geodesic space frame structure and high-end cover design.

The geodesic spaceframes omnitriangulated surface of hexagons and pentagons distribute the stress equally across the entire structure. It is the only man-made building that becomes proportionally stronger as it increases in size.

We combine the sacred geometry of professor Buckminster Fuller with progressively designed covers to bring you this futuristic experience.

It provides an inherently stable architecture and creates a special sense of space inside.

The Domes great aerodynamics and static strength enable it to withstand considerable wind forces. Since the 1970's geodesic dome structures have been used in extreme natural environments where strong winds and heavy snowfall reign.