About us

I have been working since 1998,  since my youth with sustainable lifestyle!
Even right after school with 17 years old I moved for 1 year to a small self-sufficient farm in the Bavarian Forest. There, living in a tepee I made my first deep experience in living with nature and to take care of animals, garden and children.
I have traveled for 5 years around the world to various communities.
For 12 years I was experimenting with permaculture and gardening growing in my own garden at 5 different locations. Among others in the Spanish Pyrenees, Bavaria and Sweden ...
Having always had the problem of the water dripping along the poles into my teepee I decided to build a dome.
The round shape had always fascinated me.
With my friends Michi and Butzi I built in 2003, the first two prototypes based on our own ideas and designs.
of a friend,she is master tailor, I got a crash course and made ​​my first sewing experiences ...At a teepee builder in Spain I perfected my skills.
I met many Dome and Tipi builders in 4 different countries and could figuer out the best details for my own constructions...
Now I live with my beloved  2 young children at the foot of the alps, in a small house with living room-Dome and Grow Dome in the garden. There I have a professional sewing room and a workshop to manufactor geodesic domes. If I have a lot to do I organize the aid of relatives and friends.

Matze, founder and boss of TurtleDomes