Space Frame Structure

A geodesic dome is a sphere-like structure composed of a complex network of triangles. The triangles create a self-bracing framework that gives maximal structural strength while using a minimum of material.

The frequency of a dome relates to the number of smaller triangles into which it is subdivided. A high frequency dome has more triangular components and is more smoothly curved and sphere-like. The frequency (V) affects the roundness of the dome (how close to a perfect ball it gets).

Small Domes are constructed in a small frequency with an small amount of struts. Big Domes are constructed in a higher frequency with many struts in a more complicated order.

Frame materials:

  • wooden round struts (pine, ash, acacia) with round steel ring-connectors
  • stainless steel tubes ; flattened ends with hole
  • galvanized steel tubes ; flattened ends with hole

Depending on the size and requirements of the building, we use the exactly calculated material thickness of struts and the right type of material needed.