!A dome always gives you the benefit of maximum sunshine possible!

The Geodesic Dome Greenhouse is the most innovative design imaginable for a greenhouse. The entire perimeter of the dome can be turned into planting space. Just don't forget to include room for the gardener!

We offer two main options:

Foil Cover for seasonally used GrowDomes

Insulated GrowDomes for all-year-round harvesting with BUBBLE-Wrap cover

Due to its brilliant design & construction, the GrowDome provides an optimal environment for growing fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruit all year round.

* Bubble-wrap insulation cover

* Automatic Opening Windows

* Water Tank inside for climate regulation

* Under-soil Heating & Cooling System in raised beds

* Insulated Foundation Wall to raise above snow level

* Perimeter Insulation

Simultaneously, GrowDomes dramatically shrink our environmental footprint by reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. It takes only 1/3 of the energy to heat during the cold season compared to a conventional glasshouse. Several tricks & techniques of heat producing systems can be applied.

Quite simply, a Growing Dome can become a very important part of the change society is now seeking. It is a beautiful, working model of the wisdom, practicality and well-being that is the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle.

GrowDomes are also used to facilitate projects like Insect-Protection (save the honey-bee), Worm-farming, MyceliaDomes for Mushroom-farming, AquaponicDomes (fish and water plant farming)

transparent vinyl:

* 0.5mm thick plastic-window material, heavy and durable UV sun proof foil.

* Lets in lots of light and allows good sight. Commonly used for windows in surf sails, tents and boat covers. Of course not as clear as    real glass!

* Used for windows as well as for greenhouse Domes

Bubble Foil:

Very good insulation! Ideal for heated GrowDome in cold climate. Enables growing all year round. Clear, translucent covering that allows 83% light transmission. The 8.5mm thick Bubble wall is rated as one of the premier greenhouse coverings available. The life expectancy is over 20 years and the Foil come with a 5 year UV warranty by the manufacturer .

!You and your plants will love the soft diffused light inside!