Windows/ Doors

You decide on size, shape and number of windows and doors exactly as you wish

  • top-star” triangle windows 5x around top-pentagon of the dome

  • round windows: to open, fitted with mosquito net frame

  • bay windows: bigger part of the side wall transparent, to open, with optional curtain

  • top pattern: smaller sewn in windows in creative shapes. “drops” “flowers” “stars”...

Window material: transparent vinyl, quality: chrystal +plus

0.5mm thick plastic-window material, heavy and durable UV sun proof foil. Lets in lots of light and allows good sight. Commonly used for windows in surf sails, tents and boat covers. Of course not as clear as real glass!


  • triangle door with zipper & window

  • triangle tunnel entrance: 2m long triangle tunnel with two zipp-doors delivers a nice entrance space